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SettleMyTax always lets you know the pricing up front. We offer affordable, efficient prices without hourly fees.

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SettleMyTax was developed by tax attorneys from some
of the most prestigious law firms in the nation.

Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars fulfilling routine tax needs, from installment agreements and settlements to IRS audits and disputes. Others put off resolving IRS tax disputes because of the inconvenience and high fees. As attorneys, we knew there had to be an easier, more affordable way to take care of common tax matters.

Our founding vision was to create an easy-to-use, online tax service that helped people solve their own tax problems and answer their common tax questions. We brought together some of the brightest minds in the legal, tax, and technology industries to make this vision a reality. The result is, the nation’s leading online tax resolution service.

From the beginning, our mission has been to set new standards for convenience and service in an industry not typically known for great customer care. We believe it should be easy for anyone to work with the IRS, prepare necessary tax documents, and ultimately resolve tax disputes effectively. For us, the goal is not simply to provide a smart, cost-effective alternative to traditional attorney fees-—it’s to make sure everyone gets the tax protection they need.

Developed by attorneys from some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation, SettleMyTax is redefining how taxpayers everywhere access and engage with the IRS. We put the tax law on your side.

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